Risk Warnings

Blockchain-ledgered assets remain highly-speculative, so investors must be prepared to face volatility and potential loss. A whitepaper may state an impressive return target, but this is a goal and not a certainty.

Investors can mitigate financial risks by consulting in-depth research reports and only investing in startups with an experienced team and a cogent business model.

Investors must also recognize that although Blockchain-ledgered assets provide startups with the opportunity to raise the capital they need to launch their projects, there remains the potential for the startups to fail. A step towards mitigating this risk may be to consult in-depth research reports before making an investment decision.

Each project has specific risks associated with it and you should refer to the Information Memorandum and/or Prospectus in order to make a full and complete assessment.

Investors must remain vigilant to avoid falling prey to cyber-attacks. Because digital finance is a burgeoning field without clear regulatory guidelines or best practices, cybercriminals attempt to find opportunities to steal funds from investors.

Investment in any products listed on the Torca site is available only to investors who are able to understand the risks involved and accept those risks, which may include substantial or complete loss of their investment.