Our vision

An open financial world, powered by Torca accounts.

Existing financial systems are fragmented and out of touch with the changing needs of customers. Moving from decentralised to centralised worlds is inefficient and slow and access to immediate liquidity on assets and security-backed assets doesn’t exist.

Customers need more flexibility, speed and security from their financial services and only through the creation of an entirely new system can this be achieved.

Our mission

We’re redefining financial ownership and management.

Through their Torca account, our customers will be able to securely manage and rapidly transfer their cash, company equity, shares, digital assets and more.

This is the beginning of a new financial world that our users will wonder how they lived without. We will achieve this by working with the best and brightest people, nurturing innovation from within, maintaining a relentless focus on execution and providing market-leading customer service.

Scott Davies CEO of Torca

Great things in business aren’t achieved by individuals; they are achieved by committed teams that believe in a common objective. Torca has this in abundance. We know what excellent service looks like and we are delivering on this every day.

Torca Team
Scott Davies Chief Executive Officer
Mike Embrey Chief Technology Officer
David von Dadelszen Chief Operations Officer
Simon Eagles Head of Finance
Steven Marshall Head of Compliance
Ben Cohen Head of Marketing
James Smith Business Development Manager
Inna Chigareva Technical Operations Specialist
Robert Philp Back-end Developer
Sandra Jurek Front-end Developer
Julien Brun Front-end Developer
Jose Arnaldos Product Designer
Board Members
Oliver Blower Chairman
Scott Davies Chief Executive Officer
Scott Fletcher, MBE Non-executive Director
Mike Embrey Chief Technology Officer
David von Dadelszen Chief Operations Officer